"Red Vette Gathering" & Poker Run
September 2, 3, 2005
(Labor Day Weekend)
Reno Hilton, Reno, Nevada
If you have a:
Magnetic Red, Torch Red, Roman Red, Burgundy Red, Traffic Light Red, Ruby Red, Blood Red, Blood Clot Red, Lite Red, Dark Red, Cherry Red, Candy Apple Red and any other "RED" , then you qualify ... But it must be considered a "RED"..not Orange or Pink. It must be mostly RED and then a white stripe down the center, colored flames, etc is okay. ...
It just must be mostly RED.

As of April 29, 2005, there are:
Vettes Coming From: CA., WA., NV., ID., IL.



   Our Parking Viewed
   From The Reno-Hilton  Roof




"Red Vette" Gathering
October 2004

In Reno, Nevada
  Was An Awesome Sight to See
The Largest
Gathering Of
Red Vettes In The World

6 Generations of Red Vettes
The "Diet" Pasteries Were A Big Hit !!


Picture Album Of The "Red Vette" Gathering-2004
The Reno-RVG in October 2004 was a great success.  We had 100 cars , they came from 4 different states and 2-3 of them were 2005 Coupes.  There was also a "Gathering" of the 6 Generations in Red assembled which is probably a first anywhere. Everyone enjoyed the Poker Run, and tho' some experienced a little Rain, Hail and Snow going over Mt. Rose it didn't seem to slow anyone down much and beautiful scenery was seen by all.  The Sat. Night Buffet was excellent and no one left hungry. The raffle was great and the one 50/50 winner was very happy.  Also I understand one gambler in the group was "Very Happy" with a significant win at a slot machine.  We collected a total of $1250 for the Assistance League of Placer County and when I took the toys to the Children's Receiving Center in Auburn, Ca, they were very appreciative.
Thanks Again Everyone!!!!!

Due to the October dates not being available at the Reno-Hilton in 2005, we will be moving the event to the Labor Day weekend which will give everyone an extra day to travel back home or stay  longer. The room rates will again be $89 per night for Friday, Saturday & Sunday in case you decide to stay over another night. 
We have 100 "Blocked Rooms" for Friday and Saturday and 100 on Sunday for those wanting to stay over Sunday. 
Group Code# to use for reserving a room is: "Red Vette Gathering"

Call 1-800-648-5080 For Room Reservations ASAP

The "Blocked Rooms" will drop off on August 5th, and as some Red Vetters know from last year, they had to go to another hotel to stay because rooms were not available after the "Block" dropped.. Please  make your room reservations ASAP... That way we'll be able to add rooms while they are still available.

To receive an emailed registration form....fill out the form below ASAP

A "Club Par Award" will be presented to the club that has the most "Registered" Red Vettes that actually attends the event.  So start talking to the Red Vettes in your club about attending.
"Long Distance Award"
will be awarded to the Registered Vette driving the farthest "door to door" as per MapQuest.  This will be determined by computer after the registration deadline has passed.

The weekend will go as follows:

About 730 pm  we plan to "Gather" in our Banquet Room area for drinks and to meet other "Red Vetters".  We'll have 2 no-host cash bars so we can drink , socialize and met each other. 
We're going to try to have a "PowerPoint"  Show of the RVG-2004 along with music, put together by Roger Aylstock at this time.
Please wear your name tags and it will make it easier for everyone to see who you are, where you came from and what car you have brought. 

On Saturday morning between 7-845am, meet in the Banquet Rooms for coffee and at this time you'll be able to buy additional poker hands, buy 50/50 tickets, and there'll be a quick drivers meeting prior to the Poker Run starting.  Please wear your t-shirts and name tags which will speed up the process of getting the poker run off on time..

This is going to be a nice long Poker Run & scenic drive both (a bit different than the RVG-2004 route)...but not a race...so enjoy the poker run and the beautiful country side also.  There will be at least 4-5 stops along the way that you must follow directions to locate and your last stop will be at the banquet rooms again..  There will also be "2" poker runs going on at the same time.  Everyone will be stopping at the same locations but will be going in two different directions and you'll be passing others going the opposite direction.  The directions for the Poker Run will be handed out when you leave the parking lot.

After the poker run is over and the hands have been opened, the rest of the afternoon is yours until we get together at 5-530 pm.

At 500-530 pm, Saturday evening, meet in the Banquet Rooms again for drinks at our no-host cash bars, buy 50/50 tickets & socialize prior to dinner. 
At 7pm, dinner will be served and after dinner we'll hand out the winning poker hand awards, long distance award, club par award and have the 50/50 raffle.
At this moment, there isn't a gift raffle planned, but that might change by next year.

P.S. Tell all your friends that have a Red Vette about the "Gathering" and have them email
redvettegathering-reno@corvettecruzin.com  so we can include them in all the future
"Red Vette Gatherings-Reno" or "Checkerboard Vette Gathering-Las Vegas".


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