Before I get into how the new "Poker Run Hands" works, let me show same samples of profitability. Simply enter in the space below the number of hands you anticipate selling and the price you anticipate charging per hand, then click the "Calculate Profit" button.

Poker Hands Sold:
Amount Charged Participants:
( per hand)

Cost of Cards @   Profit to Club
100 unit price $1 per card $
250 unit price 80¢ per card $
500 unit price 65¢ per card $

As you can see, the profits available to your club are considerable. Now, if you continue reading you will see how simple and easy putting hosting a Poker Run will be using "Poker Run Hands"

The problems I found with the "Old Way" is at each stop there is the chance of duplicating a card, the time element involved in "picking" the cards and writing down the "pick", and then sorting everything out at the end. My experience has been that with most Poker Runs having 30 to 40 or even more cars, that time adds up and often leads to frustration and boredom for those waiting.

My "Poker Run Hands" expedites the entire process while also injecting an air of suspense. Poker Run Hands already include all the cards found in a normal "deck of cards" all on one card in a sealed envelope. To prevent cheating, there are 5 different card possibilities and 5 different envelope possibilities, so nobody will know what combination they have. The envelopes are "security" envelopes so they can't be seen thru.

Each participant carries their own "Poker Hand(s)" to each stop SO ACTUAL PLAYING CARDS WILL NEVER NEED TO BE USED AGAIN!! In fact, it's so easy, each participant can have as many hands as they want and still go through as fast as if they had only one hand. The participant makes a "pick" at each stop, which is then punched with a hand held paper punch, immediately determining what "playing card" was picked. But they'll have no idea what card they selected or "poker hand" they hold until the envelope is opened by the "Finish Station".

If the hand (envelope) is opened before arriving at the end...the hand is voided (advise participants of this). At the "Finish Station", prior to opening the envelope, a "Wild Card" can be purchased which adds to your club's revenues, increases the winning prizes, enhances the participants chance at winning, and builds the FUN!

Because of the simplicity of Poker Run Hands a number of card games can be played (5-card stud, 7-card stud, 5-card lo-ball, 7-card low ball and Jacks or Better). Some clubs play 2 games with just one card such as 5-card stud & 5-card lo-ball, etc.

If you're interested in ordering any poker hands, or have any questions please contact me by e-mail at:

To order "Poker Run Hands", please go to the order form, fill it out online, print it, then mail it with a check made payable to "Rocky Pearson" at the address on the form.

Thank you for your time, I hope to hear from you soon and HAVE A GREAT POKER RUN THIS YEAR!!!!

Rocky Pearson
Auburn, California

Note: Each "stop" will need a hand held paper punch to punch the envelope.

A suggestion to make your next run more successful is to offer participants discounts for multiple hand purchases. Maybe a dollar off the second hand, and another dollar off the third hand. Again, it builds the fun and benefits the clubs treasure.

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