Good reasons for owning a Black Vette & getting together with other Black Vette Owners:

1. Discuss the Carpal Tunnel Syndrome you developed trying to keep it clean!

2. Stand around and watch the dust collect!
3. Compare swirl marks!
4. Compare Prozac dosage due to fingerprint anxiety!
5. Discuss and compare the pressure and velocity of the water hose used to spray off all the WHITE bird crap on your black car.
6. Discuss the many pounds of turtle wax used to get out those dried water marks off your car from the rain.
7. After all that cleaning, you begin driving your shiny black corvette feeling great, only to discover that you did not get all of the hidden water out of the side mirrors....... Also known as "Side Streak Stress Disorder"!!!.
8. Comparing burn scars from touching your car after being parked in the hot sun.

9. People don't mistake you for a Ferrari.

10. If you turn off the lights, the cops can't see you at night.

11. You never have to buy road tar removal gunk.

12. You never have to clean exhaust smoke residue off the rear.

13. You never have to remove the rubber on the rear quarters after a burnout.

14. Discuss why your other cars are NOT black.

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